Application Support for a Banking Regulator

A large banking and financial industry regulator sought to gain cost savings, modernization and standardization in its portfolio of 300+ IT applications by consolidating support to a small set of vendors under an IDIQ contract vehicle. The existing environment of numerous legacy technologies and a patchwork of vendors and processes left room to improve both quality and cost-effectiveness.

STSI, as the largest subcontractor under a large business, provided key management roles and led modernization activities for several mission-critical systems, as well as dozens of substantial maintenance and enhancement releases. Systems were modernized to Java and .NET. STSI staff remediated requirements on legacy systems to bring them up to standard, including creating tests. All of this was accomplished leveraging an iterative development methodology, and proactively managing dependencies across 5+ client organizations, each with supporting vendors, to deliver projects.

The team has delivered 80 releases tracked against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with all on time and all but one within budget. All releases included requirements collection, analysis and design efforts, as well as development, implementation and continued maintenance.