Robbie Holmes Joins STSI as VP of Product Development

Robbie Holmes has joined the STSI executive team as the VP of Product Development. Robbie will help grow and maintain our practice and culture associated with creating software products.

Internally, Robbie will support our consultants and teams as they improve their practice in line with digital services best practice. Externally, Robbie will be a voice to amplify our mission – helping to articulate how digital services can transform government. As an STSI employee, Robbie will continue his longstanding engagement in various technical communities.

We are excited to have Robbie on board. This position is an investment in growing a sustainable culture focused on delivering excellent digital services capabilities in support of public sector missions.

Prior to joining STSI, Robbie was a Digital Services Expert at the United States Digital Service within the Executive Office of the President, leading efforts to transform technology and service delivery across the Federal Government. For nearly four years, he drove efforts at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security – among other agencies – to apply modern digital services and applications to solve some of the government’s biggest challenges.

Robbie has also driven improvements at the state and city level government, including New York State’s Department of Social Services supporting the welfare management system and New York City’s Human Resources Administration, helping roll out the Paperless Office System and manage the technical resources within all 26 of the city’s job centers. He has extensive experience from the private sector including roles at Sony Music, Google, IDT Telecommunications, Johnson and Johnson and Phase2 Technology. He is a long time organizer of tech communities, mentoring and growing technology communities from his time in New York founding AngularNYC and organizing Drupal NYC for almost a decade, to here in the DC Metro area starting up NodeSchoolDC, DC Code and Coffee and organizing for Alexandria Code & Coffee and DC JS. Robbie is a seasoned expert with experience in federal, state and local governments coupled with impressive background from leading global companies.

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