Rethinking Company Gifts

During the holidays, STSI tends to send out small gifts to some people we work with. The gifts are a token of appreciation to those whose collaboration is important to us – such as business partners or service providers.

This year, we decided to rethink how and what we give. For a portion of the recipients, we replaced a gift basket or similar item with a donation of equivalent value to a charitable organization. Our thinking was that:

  1. People get so many treats this time of year that they don’t fully appreciate yet another package of sweets/cheese/etc.
  2. There are many people in need in the world who could put those resources to better use.
  3. The recipients would appreciate the intent of the gift, and appreciate it even more if it went to a far better use.

We have just started sending out the “in lieu of” notes, and have received positive feedback in return. We have donated about $1000 to Feed the Children and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With this year’s experiment still underway, we may look at expanding this program for next year.

Happy holidays!

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