STSI Releases EPA National Lakes Assessment Prototype

STSI released the NLA Data Explorer prototype, which improves how EPA shares the National Lakes Assessment dataset.

The EPA National Lakes Assessment is a statistical survey of the condition of our nation’s lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. The prototype application allows you to explore that data. You can view the data for a given lake and can gain context about the data. By clicking on a field, you get a definition of what it contains, as well as some descriptive statistics as to how the lake compares to other lakes.

This prototype application was developed by STSI as part of a response to a Request for Information published by the EPA. The EPA has done a great job of making raw data available as a set of CSV files. This prototype expands on that, allowing would-be users of the data a chance to “kick the tires” and understand the contents of the dataset.


The code is open source and available on GitHub.

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