STSI Wins EPA Security Management Project

STSI has been awarded a contract to provide full lifecycle application and management support for the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Security Management Division. The follow-on contract is the result of high client satisfaction and successful delivery, serving as a testament to the quality of work done by the STSI team.

The EPA Security Management Division is responsible for processing background investigations for agency personnel, managing smartcard badges, and physical facility security other duties. STSI provides full lifecycle application support, including strategy, business process re-engineering, application development, and ongoing application maintenance and support.

STSI will continue to support the entire background investigation process, including compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and other regulations. STSI will also support additional automation of the background investigation workflow, including secure data entry by contractor staff, reducing exposure of personally identifiable information during the process.

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