STSI is a small, steadily growing and mature federal contractor located in Arlington, VA, specializing in IT application services. We have been delivering for clients for over 20 years across 25+ contracts with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Energy Information Administration (EIA), and others. We are large enough to be reliable, but small enough to be extremely responsive.


STSI’s leadership delivers results to customers, partners, and employees. Effective management takes clear vision, courage, decisiveness, knowledge, and understanding. It also helps if an organization can streamline access to its leaders and avoid bureaucratic layers.

Bill Callery’s vision and hard work built STSI from a two person firm in 1995 into today’s dynamic, successful, friendly, and reliable business. STSI’s executives stay focused on keeping communication lines open with clients, employees, and partners. Our managers – and our employees – translate an innate customer-centric vision, outstanding work ethic, and superior talent, training, and skill into high quality work products. This approach results in a winning formula. STSI’s can-do attitude puts the company squarely on the A-list of many satisfied clients, partners, and employees.


STSI is involved in related technical communities. We have sponsored several events and user groups including AgileDC, Ruby for Good, the DC/NoVa Java Users Group and the Capital Area .Net Users Group.